The followings are CGI sample programs.

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Screen saver

Screen saver "Burning character. Bonefire" Download

Soon! The four seasons.

Prepetual calendar

Show a year's calendar you want to see.

Please input the year.

Download Perl

The old calendar

Show chinese calendar.

Month /Year
Please input year and month you want show.

Calendar of moon age

Show calendar of moon age.

Month /Year
Please input year and month you want to show.


Culc tide.


Create favorite picture's calender

You can create own calendar with your favorite's picture.

Where is hear we want to go this year?

Please input mountain's name.

Show "Darken"

Gray out.
Click button

MP3 Player

Spanish Albeniz, Isaac

Left Alone

"Left Alone" is as "Sudoku"
Making the problem or your problem is answered.

Qi Men Dun Jia

Pick up!

Release photo calendar.


CGI support



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